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Adee Drexler
Founder & CEO
of Infinity Creative Agency
Adee Drexler
Adee Drexler, is the Founder and CEO of Marketing and Communications firm, Infinity Creative Agency. With offices in Los Angeles, New York and London - Adee's agency represents some of the most cutting edge brands in fashion, beauty + wellness and lifestyle along with today's most sought-after talents.


Define your sense of style in three words.
My style is effortless, essential and evolving.

What do you wear to feel most confident? ?
A tailored suit.

What is an app on your phone you can’t do without?
Instagram would be an app I can't live without. We live on Instagram to find placements, to find new talent and see new designers.

What’s the best career advice you've ever gotten?
The best career advise I've ever gotten was from my uncle, Ron Fair. He said "You never know who's going to turn out to be who in life."

Share a misstep that you made in your career and how you overcame it.
Earlier in my career I over committed myself and said yes to a lot of projects. Now I've learned to take a step back and really evaluate my time and what is worth my time.

What do you wake up every day looking forward to?
You never know what's going to be in your (email) inbox. A new brand, a new deal, a new placement for your clients and I love going home to my son, Mason.