Idalia Salsamendi
Business Strategist
and Founder of
La Havane New York
Idalia Salsamendi started her career at Miami's most prestigious PR agency, The Agency, working on top accounts like The Collection, Simon Malls, and the MTV's Video Music Awards. Idalia also had a stint at Ford Models and Next Model Management. Helping launch the careers of supermodels Lucky Blue Smith and Erika Linder. Spearheading the Talent Division at Next Model Management NYC - Idalia represented some of the most influential of talent at the time which include: Danielle Bernstein, Shea Marie, Caroline Vreeland, Kristina Bazan, Arielle Charnas, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, Harley Viera-Newton, Langley Fox Hemingway and Rumi Neely. Helping position them in the fashion industry not only as "bloggers" but as true entrepreneurs and business women.

As of late, Idalia opened her own company with business strategy for both brands and influencers at its core. She also co-founded a jewelry line (La Havane New York) and lunched her very own podcast, Realization.


Define your sense of style in three words.
Effortless, chic and easy.

What do you wear to feel most confident?
A smile.

What’s the best career advice you've ever gotten?
I've received a lot of great advice. The one that I always come back to is to not chase the money. Chase your dreams and chase your passions.

Share a misstep that you made in your career and how you overcame it.
I don't know if could classify this a mistake or a mishap. But in my early 20's, I use to lash out on clients and brands when they weren't being fair and I had to learn quickly another way to operate. And what I've also learned is to always stay calm in any situation, talk things out and there's a polite/kind way to tell someone/call someone out on their 'bs.'

There's a famous Spanish saying that goes "quien se enoja primero pierde." Which means who ever gets angry first loses and I've learned that cannot be more correct. So stay calm, stay cool, stay professional and stay kind.

What do you wake up every day looking forward to?
I love waking up and having a gratitude ritual. I go to the beach, give thanks, meditate, yoga and that sets me off in a perfect way!